What's new in vimigo

We're updating vimigo regularly. Check back here to see the latest improvements and newest features.

Sep 2020
Bug Fix
Keyword search, character limit increased and Leaderboard 2.0 fixes
Minor bug fixes for vimigo Dashboard
New Feature
Leaderboard 2.0 has now arrived in your vimiBoss app!
Latest update for vimiBoss! Version 1.1.2
Feb 2020
New Feature
New intervals for performance in vimiGoal, vimiSales and vimiTeam
User can create setting with various of interval
Update reporting titles for clearer naming
Each of reporting has the better naming convention
Bug Fix
Bugfix on awarding the vimiRoadmap Points for vimiGoals 2.0
Now a user can see vimiRoadmap Points for vimiGoals 2.0 bsed on the average
New enhancement on Leaderboard 2.0
Leaderboard 2.0 now can view back the overall performance
New Feature
Daily vimiTeam in vimigo
New features for daily vimiTeam in version 2.0.29!
Making things easier with "Save as Template" button in vimiGoal 2.0!
New enhancement in version 2.0.29!
Bug Fix
Fixed Leaderboard for vimisales when filtering by the whole year or month
vimiSales Leaderboard on filtering by year or month.
Jan 2020
New enhancements for your dashboard!
Updates for the filter on performance (dashboard) and the description of vimiClass.
Bug Fix
Fixed issues on updating vimigo performance and reporting
Fixed some issues in vimigo dashboard
Improved user experience and more user friendly - vimigo dashboard
Enhanced user interface for vimigo and more updates in version 2.0.27!
Bug Fix
Improved functionality in vimiGoal 2.0 Setting for staff roles
Users with staff roles can update vimiGoal item for completion