Introducing vimiRewards in Vimigo APP ! - vimigo

Introducing vimiRewards in Vimigo APP !

New Feature 06 December 2020


vimigo APP Changes Updated on 6th December 2020

Version 1.1.24

We are constantly making changes and improvements to vimigo. It is to make sure our software will always run smoothly and efficiently in order to improve your experiences.

These changes and fixes have been recently rolled out to vimigo APP


  • We have just released a new module that is known as vimiRewards. The feature is now available in Dashboard and vimigo APP. Contact our customer service team to enable the new feature
    • User can view available rewards in their company
    • User can request for a reward
    • User can cancel a reward request
    • User can use and redeem the reward with QR code in available location listed