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Improvement for Leaderboard!

Bug Fix 17 April 2022

We are constantly making changes and improvements to vimigo. It is to make sure our software will always run smoothly and efficiently in order to improve your experiences. 

These changes and fixes have been recently rolled out to vimigo Dashboard



  • Previously there had been an issue that was noticed when on the vimigo Dashboard, the tab that it was on would show a different logo. Now we have managed to fix the issue and now it displays the vimigo logo when on the dashboard tab.



  • There had been a previous issue where when looking through the leaderboard, some of the calculations for overall by year were not completely accurate. Now after addressing the formulas, the averages and data are now displaying accurately.
  • An issue that was notice was that looking through the leaderboard, some staff member’s access rights were missing when searched for them. We have now fixed the issue and all staff members have their access rights accurately displayed.


  • Previously there had been an issue with the layout on the leaderboard when looking at the dashboard from a mobile device. After putting the site into multiple possible situations we have managed to address the issues for mobile devices.