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Minor bug fixes in vimigo mobile app!

Bug Fix 05 June 2022

We are constantly making changes and improvements to vimigo. It is to make sure our software will always run smoothly and efficiently in order to improve your experiences. 

These changes and fixes have been recently rolled out to vimigo APP




  • vimiChat is a new feature that was implemented earlier this year. Throughout the few weeks, there were some bugs that were found. One of which was a bug that found the difficulty of scrolling in vimiChat. Now, with the fix implemented, Users are able to scroll smoothly through vimiChat once again.

  • Secondly, was an issue regarding vimiChat that users will not be able to view the group chat that they have created but once refreshing the page, they will then be able to see it. We have now fixed this issue where vimiChat will now instantly display the group chat once it has been created.

  • Next up is an issue regarding users being unable to scroll through their previous messages. A fix was immediately worked on, and users are now able to view their previous messages once more.

  • There had been issues of users leaving the group chat where they are unable to when they are in the group information page. After addressing this issue, users are now able to leave the group chat without any issues.

  • One minor issue that was found was the pictures of users not displaying when viewing the group chat information. Now we have managed to fix this issue and now displays the users profile picture.

  • An issue that was noticed when testing the chat system, was how users aren’t able to download pictures that were forwarded to them. The issue has since been resolved, whereby forwarded pictures can now be downloaded.

  • When sending photos, users are quick to realize that when uploading pictures that are of different sizes, mainly long vertical photos. It would often leave wide text box gaps. We have now resolved this issue by having a fixed max size, and when clicked to view will display the full size of the image.



  • A minor issue was found regarding vimiChallenge that was displaying the wrong data which was found on both dashboard as well as mobile versions. We have now fixed the issue where it will now display the correct information.


  • Recently there have been issues where users who clicked on “Show me more” for any of the challenges and immediately started scrolling through, would cause the results to continuously duplicate. The issue has since been resolved where users won’t be seeing any more duplicated results.

  • A bug was found when a user clears the search bar after searching the list will appear empty but after refreshing or searching again the list will duplicate. This is resolved where the data will no longer be duplicated.



  • Recently there was an issue where users who are subscribed to the full package would still get a prompt with popups to subscribe to vimigo when trying to view the full list of people checking in early.



  • When sending a form via whatsapp, android will show a glimpse of error before opening WhatsApp. This problem has been resolved and no longer displays the android error when transitioning to whatsapp.



  • There was a problem that was found in vimiLeave, whereby users are only able to view leaves up till october 2022 only. The issue has been resolved and users can view leaves applied up till december 2024.



  • An issue was found in vimiKnowledge where users notice the spelling errors that were visible in vimiKnowledge. The spelling errors were quickly fixed and no longer face any spelling error issues.