Enhancement on the generated reports - vimigo

Enhancement on the generated reports

Update 05 July 2020


vimigo Changes Updated on 5th July 2020

Version 2.2.4

We are constantly making changes and improvements to vimigo. It is to make sure our software will always run smoothly and efficiently in order to improve your experiences. 

These changes and fixes have been recently rolled out to vimigo Dashboard.


New Enhancement:

  • We have made several enhancements in our reporting:
    • vimiCheck-in Report: A new column, “DAY”, has been added where user can now confirm the date and day for check-in records
    • vimiGoal Details Report: A “Timestamp” has been added where user can now check when was the item marked as completed
    • vimiReview Report: A new “Sender” column has been added for user to know who has sent out the forms to others
  • In vimiKnowledge,  you are now able re-arrange categories or post by dragging and dropping the item into any desired sequence
  • We have also improved Birthday’s notification message by specifically adding the day. For example, “Next Saturday is Siti’s Birthday.”