New features available for Standard and Max Packages! - vimigo

New features available for Standard and Max Packages!

New Feature 31 July 2020


vimigo Changes Updated on 31st July 2020

Version 2.2.6

We are constantly making changes and improvements to vimigo. It is to make sure our software will always run smoothly and efficiently in order to improve your experiences. 

These changes and fixes have been recently rolled out to vimigo Dashboard.


  • Custom vimiBadge is now available for customers who subscribed to Standard and Max packages! In Employee Profile, you can now:
    • Upload your own icon or image to create a new vimiBadge and assign it to selected employees
    • View the history of vimiBadge such as the name and description of the badge, dates when the badges are awarded, and also the remarks
  • In vimiSales, any changes or actions you made on the updates of vimiSales achieved amounts or settings will be recorded in the Activity Log
  • In Admin Dashboard, admin can now manually create new invoices and share to the customers for their own records
    • Besides, admin can also view payment details and update payment status