Period selection on employee profile page is fixed! - vimigo

Period selection on employee profile page is fixed!

Bug Fix 27 September 2020

vimigo Changes Updated on 27th September 2020

Version 2.2.10

We are constantly making changes and improvements to vimigo. It is to make sure our software will always run smoothly and efficiently in order to improve your experiences. 

These changes and fixes have been recently rolled out to vimigo Dashboard


  • In Employee Profile, user can now filter commissions setting based on period selected
    • Any settings that falls within the selected period will be displayed in the profile
  • For Staff-access right, they will no longer be able to see vimiReport 2.0 in their menu as this feature is only available and accessible by Employer, HR, and Manager
  • vimiKnowledge mobile browser-view is now responsive to each of screen devices. You can now navigate and view the post smoothly